Brackets For Good

Paul’s Pals is participating in the 2018 Brackets for Good, or March Madness for nonprofits.

About the tournament

Participating nonprofit organizations in Brackets for Good rally new and existing donors to out-fundraise their opponents. $1 donated online equals 1 point. The organization with the most points, in their match-up at the end of each round, advances in the bracket-style tournament. The organization that advances to the end is awarded a championship donation. Organizations participate for free and keep donations, no matter how many rounds they advance.

It’s Competitive Giving.
Everybody Wins!


How can you be a Paul’s Pal in the tournament?

First thing’s first: sign up and complete your Donor Profile

Donate directly through
When you make a donation, you’ll have the option to turn on “Buzzer Beater” points. This schedules a second donation for the final instant of the round. The total of buzzer beater points waiting to be scored at round end aren’t known to supporters or nonprofit participants.

Free throws
How to earn free throws:

  • #LidsHighFive – Get $5 to give by completing your donor profile. We’ll share more on this in a couple slides.
  • Learn about Sponsors – Many sponsors are awarding individuals Free Throws for learning about their organizations. Click on sponsors’ logos to get to their community partner profile, watch the video, answer the questions, and submit. In most cases, Free Throws can be earned in less than a minute.
  • Brackets For Good Achievements – BFG will be giving supporters Free Throws for viewing stats sheets, and for sharing organizations with peers through your stat sheet.

Donation Hotline
Supporters who prefer to give a donation over the phone are able to do so by calling: 1-855-ScoreBFG (1-855-726-73234)

Bench Points
With “Bench Points”, cash or check donations can be made to Paul’s Pals during and in the name of the tournament can be converted into points to help us advance in the tournament.