Paul’s Partners

Offer Your Exceptional Help and Resources—for Exceptional Children.

Are you willing to offer an exceptional level or method of support for Paul’s Pals? If so, become a Paul’s Partner!

Paul’s Partners are close friends of the organization who are generous when we approach them with a special funding request. They also think out-of-the-box, and use their influence to expand our donor base.

As a Paul’s Partner, you’ll either step up with an idea and/or we may tap you when we need some help. Collaborations may include:





Giving toward an unexpected opportunity or need between our annual granting periods.

Example: A playground construction project hits a cost snag and needs our timely support to finish.





Holding a public fundraising event at your company or in your community.

Example: One Paul’s Partner is organizing an antique car show, with ticket proceeds benefiting Paul’s Pals!





Hosting a private invitation-only event for high-potential donors.

Example: A dinner party where Paul’s Pals is introduced and guests are invited to give.





Your idea here!

Paul’s Partners help us with imagination and generosity! Contact our Executive Director and ask to be a Paul’s Partner! We are happy to hear your ideas and add you to our “short list” of close friends!