Request a Grant

We Are Pleased to Consider Funding Your Organization’s Project.

The trustees of Paul’s Pals are focused on making capital investments, primarily in Minnesota, that positively impact children with physical and developmental disabilities. Grants are announced each spring and generally range from $5,000 to $50,000. Learn more about past grantee organizations and projects Paul’s Pals has funded, either fully or partially.

Applications are by invitation only after Paul’s Pals considers Letters of Inquiry (LOI). If you are interested in a grant, submit an LOI no later than November 1.

Please observe the following criteria and Letter of Inquiry process:


  • Grants are made only to organizations that are public charities and meet the requirements of SEC 501(c)(3) and 170(c) of the Internal Revenue code.
  • Grant recipients will submit a final report on how granted funds were used.


  • Purchase equipment or resources to make a site more inclusive to children with disabilities.
  • Allow children with disabilities to be more actively engaged in their community.
  • Promote inclusion for children with and without disabilities to share experiences together.
  • Provide opportunities for children with disabilities and their families to positively interact.

Requests Outside Our Scope:

  • Normal operating needs, ongoing annual programs, or programs or services already available.
  • Continuing programs, services or staffing.
  • Initiatives where the primary audience is adults or young adults.
  • Projects that serve the needs of a single individual.

Letters of Inquiry:

Please send a Letter of Inquiry, no longer than two pages on company letterhead or with your logo at the top, which must include:

  • Description of the organization including mission, brief history and impact
  • Description of the project and need for project
  • Project impact
  • Total project budget
  • Grant request amount including explanation of use
  • Any additional information
  • Primary contact information – Name, title, address, phone, email & organization website

For grant consideration, submit by November 1 to:
Jennifer Lewin, Executive Director