Paul’s Pals pledges $150,000 to Hope Fieldhouse

April 26, 2019

Paul’s Pals pledges $150,000 over three years to Hope Fieldhouse. This sports facility is designed with children with disabilities in mind and be available to adaptive sports teams. The facility is located in Rosemount, Minnesota.

About Hope Fieldhouse: 

This indoor athletic & fitness facility is the first of its kind in Minnesota and primarily serves local adaptive athletic programs.

Hope Fieldhouse provides:

  • A home base for adaptive athletic programs
  • Much needed quality court space for the youth programs in our community
  • A central location for community members & visitors to embrace fitness, athletics and socially fulfilling opportunities
  • A place where families can enjoy being physically active together
  • A high-caliber centralized facility that can host athletic tournaments and competitions in Rosemount

Participation in youth sports has grown 10% per year over year for the past four years in the Twin Cities Metro area. This change, along with many young athletes increasing the length of their seasons to yearly participation, creates a strain on the amount of gym space within the community.

Hope Fieldhouse serves as both an advocate and a safe refuge for adaptive athletics. Their vision is to provide opportunities for youth to understand, accept and value human differences.

It is rare to find access to the same community programs that parents would choose for their children if they did not have any disabilities. Hope Fieldhouse serves as the base for these families to provide access to adaptive athletic programs.

Hope Fieldhouse is a 42,000 sq ft facility complete with four full-sized basketball courts. The facility can host many different activities including (but not limited to) volleyball, dance, gymnastics, wrestling and pickleball.

Learn more about our partnership below.