Paul’s Pals Publishes 2018 Annual Report

January 31, 2019

We are excited to announce that we have published our Annual Report 2018! Check it out to see what we were up to in 2018 – we did a lot! From partnering with new organizations to hosting events for the first time to expanding our reach of our mission, we are so excited to see what 2019 has in store. See below for a preview from the report including our Executive Summary and Letter from our Founder!

Executive Summary

In just over 20 years, Paul’s Pals has funded $1.6 million dollars to 110 unique projects to nearly 50 organizations enriching the lives of hundreds of thousands of children with disabilities throughout Minnesota. As we look toward the future of Paul’s Pals, we ask: How can we make an even bigger impact?

  • You have a with a child with a disability and want to know where to find an accessible playground in your neighborhood you can take him or her to. We can help.
  • You’re a municipality looking to add inclusion-based programming in your community, but don’t know where to start. We can help.
  • Your grandson with a disability is coming to visit with his parents and two siblings for a week – where can you all go to enjoy time together that is accessible and inclusive? We can help

After researching, discussing and asking many of our stakeholders, we are pleased to share that we have found our answer. Beginning in 2019, we will create tactics on how to become THE resource on inclusive and adaptive play and recreation for families and professionals.

Thanks to your support, Paul’s Pals will lead the way in building inclusive communities. In the meantime, Paul’s Pals will continue to fund game-changing projects with our non-profit Heroes. And we will continue to Champion inclusion and accessibility for all children in parks, gyms, ski slopes, baseball fields, oceans or 50 feet in the air – wherever adventure takes them.

Jennifer Lewin, Executive Director

Letter from Our Founder

Twenty-four years ago, after experiencing the nightmare of losing a child, our loss lead to the inspiration of Paul’s Pals. The ideal that was important to Paul as he navigated his disability and lack of was independence. This have guided us in the creation of Paul’s Pals and every decision we’ve made regarding our organization and grants.

Thanks to Paul’s Pals, children with disabilities can join in on a baseball team and have access to a waterfront, ride a hand-cycle, use the latest adaptive technology and ride a zip line 600 feet in the air, even in a wheelchair! Over ten years ago, we were donating one or two thousand dollars to a few projects. Today we help fund projects with nearly 50 different recipient organizations totaling $1.6 million.

As we look forward to the next twenty-four years, I am proud to say that we are creating a sustainable organization capable of honoring Paul’s legacy for years to come. As we grow, we live our mission through supporting organizations who prioritize inclusive play.

I want to thank you, no matter your level of involvement in our organization. Without you, Paul’s Pals would not be the organization it is today. Together, we can open a world of opportunities for children with disabilities.

Floyd Adelman, Founder and President Emeritus