Super Star Classic was a success!

July 25, 2019

The Paul’s Pals first annual Super Star Classic was held on Tuesday, July 23, 2019 in conjunction with the American Association All-Star Game at CHS Field. In partnership with the Saint Paul Saints, the JP4 Foundation, Minnesota Mash Baseball Club and the Autism Society of Minnesota, over 30 children were able to experience a truly unique experience playing with the league’s best players and staying for the All-Star Game.

The JP4 Foundation and Minnesota Mash Baseball Club provided expertise in running the clinics specifically for children of all abilities. Their experience allowed them to ensure each child could participate in a meaningful way.

The Autism Society of Minnesota’s expertise provided peace of mind for parents who normally need to work one on one with their children. With their expertise and staff on hand, any sensory issues were handled quickly and effectively.

The combination of our partners and amazing volunteers allowed children of all abilities to just be kids and play with one another; while on the other hand, parents were able to just be parents. Paul’s Pals has gotten feedback from each Super Series event that sometimes this is the first time parents are able to sit on the sideline and just watch their kids play. This is why we do the work we do. This is what inclusive communities foster.

Super Star Classic is part of our three-part Super Series in addition to Super Fest and the Super Cup. The Super Fest is a fully-inclusive football & cheer-leading experience held annually on the same weekend as the Super Bowl. This event was originally hosted by The Matthew Foundation when the Super Bowl was in Minneapolis in 2018 and became the first satellite location in 2019 thanks to Paul’s Pals and our various community partners. The Super Cup is a fully-inclusive soccer experience in partnership with the MN United FC and Fraser. The Super Cup is scheduled for this fall.